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High Seas Gear Has...

New Multi-Position Single Rod Holders!  

Our Goals...

High Seas Gear strives to have a product that people can be proud to own and know that day in and day out they will perform. I spend personally over 200 days on the water each year and have been all over the great lakes. I have seen my product in action and would have to say I am impressed with its performance. High dollar products equal big companies with costly overhead. I am not saying that they are bad products but we are all fishermen and should be able to enjoy good quality products with a fair price. Now days with the throw away market that we live in. It's great to own a company that takes time to build a product line that will grow old with us fishermen. 

Adjust 5 different positions
High Seas Gear Products...

Fixed Rod Holder Trees
Adjustable Rod Holder Trees
Dipsy Rod Holder Trees

Horzontial Rod Holders
Multi-Position Single, Twin and Triple Rod Holders 

Rod Holder Mini Storage
Rod Holder Medium Storage
Rod Holder Large Storage

7", 12", 18", 24" & 30" Track Systems
7" & 12" Pedestal Track Systems


Protective End Caps

Adjustable Rod Holder Arms

Star Knobs

Dipsy Diver Holders

Rod Holder 

Bases &
​  Tracks

Cup Holders

Rod Holder Storage

High Seas Gear offers  a  varity of Rod Storage Holders. The cutout style allows your reels to lock into place. The protective end cap style protects your rod and reels from eveyday wear. Both styles are powder coated for a long lasting finish. 

Mini Unit is Perfect for Fish Houses

New High Seas Gear Kits

Check out our new kit options. Includes Trees, Bases and Track systems.
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